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Reconfigured for a young couple, this 27 square-metre apartment in an Art Deco building is the progenitor of our later studio apartment revisions. Key interventions include pulling the kitchen away from a prime position, making space for a screened sleeping alcove, and a better proportioned kitchen backing onto the bathroom, leaving a flexible open living/work space.

This design demonstrates that apartment living need not be a compromise, and that luxury is not determined by size, but spatial quality. A large part of that quality is about building in amenity for apartment dwellers – which is about natural light, generous storage and functional / flexible planning. In this and subsequent projects, we continue to show that well designed, architectural joinery is not a luxury, but a necessity. 

LOCATION: Darlinghurst, NSW

ACCOMMODATION: 0.5 bedroom, 1 bathroom



The private zones of the apartment are skilfully delineated from the living area by a step and sliding door to provide a sense of seclusion to each of these spaces despite their close proximity. The material palette is purposely restrained and mirrors are sparsely but effectively used to exaggerate the feeling of spaciousness. This project is an excellent example of what a thoughtful designer can achieve within a very small space. 


- Jury citation, Houses Awards 2015 

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