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The client wanted to convert their two-bedroom Sydney harbour-view apartment into a luxurious one-bedroom home, with an optional guest room, and more natural light through the typically long, narrow apartment.


Walls were removed from the second bedroom, which we converted into a dining room, but added a fold-down bed and operable partition wall allowing it to function as guest room when needed. A new curved timber wall was introduced to connect the living spaces and conceal access to private spaces — the main bedroom, ensuite and second bathroom. Crafted in black-stained timber segments, this architectural element dramatically punctuates the space between public and private, while ‘bending’ the apartment’s strict geometry.

A neutral timber and marble palette throughout lends relative calm, while the new open kitchen island has a marble top and brass legs, like a finely crafted cabinet.

LOCATION: McMahons Point, NSW

ACCOMMODATION: 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom


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A 'Brave' move in installing a curving wall in black devised by architect Brad Swartz delivers a cocooning mood within this newly opened up one-bedroom apartment that can easily convert to offer a guest bedroom space.  

- Belle Magazine, Jan/Feb 2021

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